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“I want to change that will take the focus off politics and put it on effective government that can work together and with others.”
“Now more than ever, we need leadership that will unite us. I am a team player and get things done regardless of partyism.”
“I have almost three decades of experience advocating for the services in the community including, equitable education, poverty, and economic expansion opportunities in Winston Salem.” 

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In order to vote you MUST have a valid photo ID. 

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Paula McCoy, M.Ed, M.SW

Paula McCoy has spent a large part of her career as a personal and professional trainer, program and community developer. She has over 30 years of experience training groups, developing programs, engaging community and leading five local and state nonprofit organizations. Locally, Paula is known for her work in Asset-based Community Development. McCoy is an energetic, motivated and committed individual dedicated to helping communities, organizations and individuals realize their potential for success. Her experience in administration, supervision and leadership expand over twenty-five years.

Paula McCoy operates McCoy Enterprises, a consulting and coaching firm specializing in organizational and community development. She previously served as executive director of Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, whose mission is to connect people, strengthen voices, and leverage resources with a vision of safe, just, and determined neighborhoods. Ms. McCoy serves as director of The Partnership for Prosperity and is a board former board member of the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, and Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County. Paula is also a past board member of Kaleideum. She currently serves as a trustee on the Winston Salem Foundation, is a Board member of the Gateway Nature Preserve of W-S; a Board member of the Piedmont Opera serving as chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; a Board member of Action for Equity (A4E), a
nonprofit that works to decentralize power through Black agency for a
flourishing community. Paula also chairs WSRISE, an organization of
Black leaders committed to “Putting Black Lives first…for a CHANGE.

Major Concerns In NEW

Implement zoning reforms to encourage the development of affordable housing.
Explore partnerships with non-profit organizations and developers to create affordable housing units.
Advocate for policies that protect renters from eviction and ensure stable housing conditions.
Advocate for a housing preservation bond for the existing housing stock.

Facilitate a business-friendly environment through streamlined regulations and support services.
Collaborate with economic development agencies to attract industries that provide well-paying jobs.
Prioritize workforce development programs to equip residents with the skills needed for local job opportunities.

Support community policing models that build trust between law enforcement and residents.
Advocate for criminal justice reforms such as bail reform, diversion programs, and enhanced transparency.
Engage in community forums to address concerns and promote dialogue between law enforcement and residents.

Invest in public transportation improvements to increase accessibility for all residents.
Prioritize infrastructure projects that enhance connectivity, including road repairs and pedestrian-friendly initiatives.
Explore smart city solutions to optimize transportation systems and reduce environmental impact.

Support initiatives that increase access to healthcare services, particularly in underserved communities.
Promote mental health awareness and destigmatization. 
Collaborate with public health agencies to address community health concerns.

Conduct equity assessments on policies to identify and address disparities.
Promote diversity in local government and decision-making bodies.
Implement initiatives to ensure equal access to opportunities for all residents.

Establish platforms for transparent communication between residents and local government.
Encourage participation in community meetings, town halls, and decision-making processes.
Utilize technology to enhance civic engagement and accessibility.

Invest in cultural programs and events that celebrate diversity and community identity.
Advocate for public art installations and cultural spaces, specifically in NE Winston-Salem.
Recognize the economic and social value of the creative industries in community development.

Listen To Paula's Audio Blog

Listen as Paula discusses important issues for NEW.
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In Response: To Mr. Lewis' FB Question Posted on 1/17/2024
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